Master Quest


Master Quest is awakening to your limitless inner potential and living a transcendent & transformational life. Instead of trying to change the world, you will put our focus on the more difficult task of transforming yourself. Your life then will be a testament to who you truly are rather than who you have been trying to be to please others. By awakening your inner authority, you will no longer be at the mercy and control of outer authorities, events, and circumstances. This is called freedom. When you establish peace within yourself, this peace is a point of clarity which will allow you to navigate your daily decision making with wisdom, courage, and faith. To the one who can be silent and still the Universe shares its secrets. It is in the awakening of pure awareness that peace, wisdom and creative power arise.

Master Quest is 12 philosophical principles that will guide you step by step into harvesting the best within yourself and offering it as a gift to the world. It is time we awaken a new definition of success. A success based on being at peace with yourself, wisdom in decision making, integrity in relationship, creativity in service, and joy in living!

How it works?

We have one Master Quest webinar per month. This is where the community meets. We study the 12 Principles of the Master Quest philosophy. We share knowledge, ask questions, reflect from the heart, and inspire each other on our Master Quest journey. 

These Webinars are led by Si Gong Robert Firestine a ninth degree black belt in Shaolin Kung Fu and the Founder and Teacher of the Master Quest Philosophy.

“Today I am the Master I was born to be. I am energy power and strength. I am knowledge, truth, and wisdom, I am love, compassion, and kindness. I am building a better world by giving the gift of myself with faith, courage, and honor.”

-Si Gong

Are you ready to join us on this Master Quest?